Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exercise #21

I explored these three social networking sites with the help of my kids, because I didn't want to register on them myself. They all agree that Facebook is the best one, followed by Bebo, although to me the pages looked too busy and cluttered with all their added-on enhancements. I liked Bebo, it seemed simpler to navigate. However Bebo is smaller and quite local, whereas Facebook is worldwide and is the site that most people are on. Occasionally I do check up on my kids overseas on Facebook. Myspace is the site that all the bands have their page on, so is popular with music lovers who want to send messages to their favourite artists, check out upcoming gigs etc.
I thought Rotorua Public Library's page on Bebo was great, very colourful and vibrant. I want to checkout the library next time I'm there. Their young patrons had left nice comments too.

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