Thursday, September 18, 2008

Exercise #23

When I first heard about this Web 2.0 programme I very much doubted my ability to do it. However as we were guided through I found my confidence increasing with the completion of each exercise. A few times I needed help from friends at work to clarify something I didn't understand. I found that sometimes there is a simpler way of doing things rather than my roundabout way. My general computer skills have improved too, lots of copying and pasting.
What about all the new terminology! I had never heard of some of this stuff. Publishing a post?? Embedding a video??
The internet is so vast and we have touched only a tiny part of it. It's valuable to know about these sites, although I won't be using most of them again. It was fun using the creative sites and posting pictures, slideshows etc to my blog. I enjoyed Project Gutenberg, Library Thing and the Web 2.0 finalists where I found Mangolanguages. I didn't like RSS feeds or Rollyo.

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NSL Learning 2.0 team said...

We can see from your blog that you enjoyed using the creative sites - it's so nicely set out and interesting.

Congratulations on completing the programme - it's been great to see you progress and catch up on the netball as well!